2018-19 Adviser Forum West has ended
Welcome to Los Angeles, and to 2018 Forum West!
**Reminders: Please bring a notebook and pen to every session, and wear your CAC name badge at all times**

Dear CAC family,
Welcome to my home state of California and our Adviser Forum West! We are thrilled to have you here in the City of Angels and are grateful to our host chapter, the awesome USC Corps! Fight on!

Our theme this year goes to the heart of CAC’s mission -- Advancing Opportunity. The goal over the next few days is to recommit ourselves to advancing opportunity in various ways. We hope you will discover best practices from your peers, engage with the research, reflect on your journey and what may lie ahead by interacting with the alumni panel and industry workshops, and be inspired by our guest speakers whose stories capture in powerful ways the journey to advancing opportunity.

On behalf of our national team and Board of Directors, we are grateful for the work that each of you — 716 advisers serving 210,000 students in 16 states across the country — do every day. We continue to build a national movement at a critical time in our nation’s history. Let us commit to ensuring every student hears those four key words, “I believe in you” and, together, we advance opportunity.

It is an honor to serve with you!

Nicole Hurd
Founder and CEO
College Advising Corps

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Lianne Aratea

UC Berkeley
Destination College Advising Corps College Adviser

Andrianna Barden

Michigan State University College Advising Corps
College Adviser

Merideth Bond

MSU College Advising Corps
College Adviser
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Matt Burckhalter

TCU College Advising Corps

Zachary Cox-Mandigo

Michigan State University College Advising Corps
College Adviser
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Marquel Dominck

College Advisor

Samantha Hansen

MSU College Advising Corps
College Adviser

Jeannette Heltman

Utah College Advising Corps
College Access Advisor
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Stephanie Jerger

Missouri College Advising Corps
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Derrick Small Jr.

Missouri College Advising Corps
College Adviser

Kassandra Lopez

TAMU College Advising Corps
College Adviser
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Cheyenne McCoy

USC College Advising Corps
College Adviser
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Jasmine Morgan

School Counselor
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Patrick Mullen-Coyoy

University of Michigan
Program Coordinator

Alexis Pemelton

Advise TX- TAMU
College Advisor

Rebecca Pena

Michigan State University
College Adviser
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Shameek Robinson

College Advising Corps
Regional Director NY and PA

Hailey Smith

Texas Christian University

kalena thwaits

Texas a&m
College adviser
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Julian Watson

College Adviser
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